Friday, 3 June 2016

What It Is

Call To Avalon is an RPG for Fate Core based on a fictional world created by Carl Purcell. The world was first seen in a short story titled Hearts Aflame and has been slowly expanding from there. The name comes from the second (planned) novel set in the universe.

The world of Call To Avalon is an Urban Fantasy in which, during the 15th century, all across the world, gates to another world opened. For a few short hours, travel between Earth and this world, Avalon, was possible. Some people wandered into Avalon never to return. But people came out of Avalon, too. Before the gates closed, thousands of human like creatures flooded Earth. Europe, Northern Africa and South America suddenly became home to elves, hobgoblins, brownies and trolls and they brought magic with them. This event forever changed the course of history.

Now, in the 21st century, magic is as commonplace as tennis, the creatures of Avalon - widely referred to as subhumans - can be seen in every city in every country in the world, having spread and established their own cultures and histories alongside humanity.

But all is not well. Call To Avalon is a world of magic and wonder, but also a world of monsters and danger. Vampires stalk the nights in search of blood. Werewolves lose themselves to a violent rage. Necromancers imbue corpses with new life to serve their bidding. Demons slip through the cracks of reality into our world.

This blog hosts all the information on special rules and setting details for the Call To Avalon RPG. These rules are used in addition to the rules for Evil Hat's Fate Core RPG. A copy of those rules is required.

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