Friday, 3 June 2016

Faith Magic

Extra: Faith

Permission: Aspect

Cost: Skill

-New Skill-

Faith is a kind of magic that, if you are to believe the faithful, comes from a higher power. Many knightly and priestly orders can perform miraculous feats of speed, strength and endurance or ward off evil and unnatural creatures with the power of their faith. Although magic like, it is unlike magic in that it cannot be learned and cannot, so it seems, be used by just anybody. Holy knights speak in reverence of moments of epiphany, when their faith became transcendent and their powers were awoken within them. From that day faith magic becomes intuitive to them.

Overcome: Faith is not used to Overcome.

Create Advantage: The faithful use their Faith to bolster themselves and achieve great things. By using Faith, Aspects representing great strength, fortitude and the like may be created but those Aspects are only placed on the character using their Faith and not on any other characters or the scene. These Aspects are most commonly invoked when rolling Phyiche, Athletics and Fighting but may aid other skills under the right circumstances. Only one such Aspect may exist at a time. These Aspects cease existing when the character is unconscious, when they act against the tenants of their faith, at the end of the scene in which they were created, or any time the faithful wills the Aspect away.

Attack: Faith is used to attack entities summoned by Necromancy and does Mental stress. By overt acts of faith such as prayer, reading scripture, showing holy symbols, the character can attack any entity from the Plane of Death in the same zone. Whatever body the entity is possessing is not harmed and entities taken out this way are sent back to the Plane of Death.

Defend: Faith is not used to Defend.


Indomitable Faith: Roll Faith instead of Will to defend against Provoke attacks relating to intimidation and fear.

The Faithful Road: Roll Faith instead of Empathy against Deceive when being convinced of something at odds to the tenants of your faith or convinced to do something your faith does not allow.

Faith Healer: Your connection to a higher power manifests itself as the ability to lay your hands on the injured and heal them. You may roll Faith and touch another character to begin the healing process of one of their physical Consequences. The difficulty of the roll is equal to the stress number of the Consequence. On a Success With Style, the Consequence is downgraded to the next lowest Consequence (Severe to Moderate, Moderate to Mild) and begins recovery at that level. Mild Consequences are removed completely. A Consequence may not be treated or downgraded more than once.

Gift Of Faith:  By touching another person, you can pass on any Aspect created by Faith. Additionally, that person can now use Faith to Attack as if they had your Faith skill. While that characer has these benefits, you cannot use the Faith skill in any way.  By touching the person a second time, you can remove those benefits from them and regain full use of your Faith skill, including the created Aspect. Otherwise they lose this benefit at the end of the scene. They do not, however, lose the benefit by acting outside the tenants of Faith.

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